Our Story

Hi, Welcome to Impact Bracelet!

Founded in 2017 with a mission to merge profit and purpose we are two besties on a mission to make the world a better place, or at least create a POSITIVE IMPACT.

We believe from the bottom of hearts that the times are a-changin' and that businesses not only should but NEED to give back, to the consumers and the greater good. If every consumer made the choice to demand that their retailers participate in a 'give-it-back' model, well guess how much money would be funneled right into the greater good? The truth is, every consumer DOES have that choice and that power. The choice is your vote and the power is your money. Where do you spend it and how do you vote?

We love that more and more businesses are taking on this model and think there is MORE than enough room for us all to contribute.

Our mission is to provide awesome products at a low price while always contributing 10% to what we believe in!

Every bracelet on our site represents a cause or charity and 10% of net profit is donated to those causes. Every purchase supports what you believe in. Your fashion becomes your mission. 

We are always looking for new causes and new partnerships. If there is a particular organization that has touched your life please let us know.


💖Love and Good Vibes,

The Impact Crew